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Originally Posted by Kaioshin Sama View Post
I find Sheryl's personality is context sensitive. Basically I've found that she behaves however the situation in the episode wants her to, but not in any sort of normal behavioural pattern. By that I basically mean her personality is entirely defined by whatever is going on at any specific moment then an actual stable and easily identifiable set of personal characteristics that make her an individual.
If people fell into predictable behavioural patterns, then we could predict their actions well into the future. At that point, everything degenerates into pure stimulus-response. This is the reason why cookie cutter characters are so unfulfilling. Provoke a tsundere, for example, and she's 'tsun', give her affection and she's 'dere'. Such characters may be fun in the short term because of the sense of control that they afford the viewer, but it gets boring fast.

Sheryl doesn't fall into any of your expected behavioral patterns? Good. Now's your chance to sit back and watch her story unfold, rather than trying to guess at which cliche you'll be served next.

(Either that, or go with Tak's 'kick reason to the curb' approach. Well said, by the way, Tak. )
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