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Originally Posted by ipernorris View Post
You guys are forgetting some very important details here, imho. I mean:
1) Alto's cockpit was closed.
2) Brera, with all the technology his VF has, should be able to detect a body floating out in space.
3) We hear Alto's voice after his VF comes out from the wrecked ship.

For all this reasons I believe Alto was inside the VF when it was blown up. The only possibility for him to be alive is to have been teleported, folded pardon, somewhere else imho.
1.) Yeah, and opaque. He had ample time behind the carrier to get out in his EX-Gear, close the cockpit, send out the jet per remote.
2.) And Brera has exhibited this ability before, *when*, exactly?
3.) Over the comm. His EX-Gear has a comm. There´s no "speech bubble" coming out of the Valkyrie.
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