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Originally Posted by IntegraVicious View Post
Fran is a wonderful character I absolutely love ^_^ And plan on cosplaying at some point =3

And theres a good amount of creepiness and gore which I love to see.
I imagine that'd be hard, With all the stitches and such. I'd like to see how it'd look cosplayed.

Originally Posted by ellifeedn View Post
I had a funny idea: What if this was made into an anime?
I'd be surprised, but happy. That kind of anime doesn't pop up too often, where a single person "helps" others and sometimes the people's desires get them screwed. As I said before, this manga reminds me of Pet Shop of Horrors. I've only seen the anime, but I really liked those eps, but Fran > the Count, so I'd be more interested in seeing it animated.
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