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As a law student, I want to be interested in this. I want to read the court documents, pleadings, etc. and understand them. But I know that I suck at the law and following this case would only depress me since I know absolutely nothing about the law.
I did a law submodule in school before, and I would say everything lies in the evidence provided by Activision - which I suspect to be fabricated.

EA has every right to poach them because this is how the business world works, the legal issues are mundane. The real problem here is the payout, CODMW is initially created by the two people before being published by Activision, therefore the creation rights (expression of ideas) belong to them, not Activision.

The underlying aspects of law are intention and consideration - workers have every right to repudiate their work contract, but companies do not have the right to deny rightful payment with regards to the rights of creative expression of their own workers, even if they are the representative of the company. Activision breached their fiduciary duties, not the two developers.

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