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Originally Posted by Kyero Fox View Post
I wont touch this game unless those two are definaly gonna be in it as the main characters or something..
Why wouldn't they be? lol

Originally Posted by Drake View Post
Cant say I've seen any of that here at least.

People probably don't like to admit they're conforming with the masses, That and it seems to have become cool to hate something popular.

A lot of my friends will buy it purely because a lot of their other friends are buying it as well and everyone wants to have something to play together.
I see it less here, but a crapload in other forums.

Originally Posted by Roger Rambo View Post
Once something becomes to common or seems to be rehashed to much there begins to grow a perception amongst certain people that the fact you decline from playing somehow makes you a more refined gamer. So in some circles people have to *admit* to thinking about getting a COD game, when all the normal gamers are happily just skipping away with their copy on release day. I personally don't think I'll be getting MW3, but It does seem silly that people would have to feel guilty about buying it or enjoying. COD games ARE fun.

(Mind you, I probably had a boatload of nit picks about Black Ops that most people wouldn't care about, while I was still able to acknowledge the game was fun).
Yeah, I feel you man.
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