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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
Ironically, I felt the complete opposite: that the new art is a massive downgrade.
My biggest gripes are most notably the "lifeless" eyes and especially the proportions. These are more similar to the first season (Satoko and Rika with very thin limbs, rather spheric heads etc), and the characters look terribly skinny. And somehow, Frederica's eyes got a very weird treatment, ad they are much more horizontal than needed.
At least, curves are alright with the girls (except maybe Mion and Shion chests, tad exaggerated despite they were already stacked to begin with in the previous series).

Good grief they didn't give the oily/shiny aspect that Vandread had, or it would turn into a borderline fake ecchi series look.

I know! The lifeless eyes creep. me. out. And they aren't supposed to! (For the most of the time ) But yeah, I liked the Kai art alot. The Rei art looks fine on paper, but once they start moving it looks really wierd to me.
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