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The small white sword is here released form. Ichigo never even knew about shaki untill part way through the SS arc. Compare the hilts on her unreleased sword and the frist sword he used. It was her sword just massively bloated do to the fact that he is both massively more powerful and realy had no way of controling it.
Sorry for continuing an off topic question, but I was wondering if you knew how Zangetsu fits into the equation. The sword that he has when he gets out of the shattered shaft, before yelling out Zangetsu's name and thus changing the zanpakutou to look like what it does now, is the same one that he used when he first got Rukia's shinigami powers. The guard design is the same as his first sword and as Rukia's. (Ch. 66, Pg. 6)

It makes more sense if he was using Sode no Shirayuki in the beginning, but why does Zangetsu look like Sode no Shirayuki here when he doesn't have her powers anymore? I end up arguing myself into a loop when thinking about it. Any insights? I was always a little confused and it threw me for a loop when I realized all three swords (Rukia's sealed zanpakutou, Ichigo's first zanpakutou and Ichigo's zanpakutou coming out of the shattered shaft but before learning Zangetsu's name) all had the same guard design.
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