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Originally Posted by kagato3 View Post
Per the captain of the 12th a Zanapakuto is easy to repair as long as the guard and grip remain intact.

What he came out of the shaft with was just the broken remains of Sode no Shirayuki and Urahara desroyed even the guard of it so only the grip remained. It was at that time that Zangetsu as why he hadn't called(summoned) him.
Did you hear that? That was the sound of things falling into place. Thanks for explaining things to me, especially in a thread not talking about either Ichigo or Rukia. Don't you love it when things make sense? Thank goodness for smart people like you who pay attention. Thanks again!

P.S. I did a big mental "OOOOOHHH!" of realization. And this is me right now because I'm happy.

Coupled with Geta Boshi's speculations in the "Rukia's Zanpakutou" thread, I actually have two theories on this topic, both of which I believe work.

1. Ichigo emerges with the remains of Sode no Shirayuki and Zangetsu doesn't come out until he is called. (thanks kagato3!)

Originally Posted by Geta Boshi
SPECULATION: There is a high possibility of Ichigo Shinigami powers coming in contact with Rukia's Shinigami power via reatsu as he was unleashing his reatsu . And reatus is soul power / spirit power

So Ichigo emerged carrying a reminiscent of Rukia zanapakuto .
Originally Posted by sakuraame
Actually, coupled with your speculation I could still make an argument that Ichigo emerges with Zangetsu: because of Rukia's influence on his reiatsu, Zangetsu first takes the form of Rukia's zanpakutou because Ichigo still hasn't called him yet. After Ichigo calls him, Zangetsu drops Sode no Shirayuki's appearance and presents his own.

For me those are both satisfactory answers and I have no qualms about either. I find that they are both logically sound and doesn't really change anything plot wise if I pick one over the other.
After continuing to think it over, I actually lean more towards explanation 2 because it helps support the fact that Rukia's powers have left him, and that the only thing that remains is an appearance, and not even let overs of Sode no Shirayuki. I also think explanation 2 might be stronger because that would mean Ichigo regained his shinigami powers by pulling out Zangetsu and not by pulling out remains of Sode no Shirayuki.

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