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It's all fine and great guessing blindly what Isshin may have been, but that's not really helpful and if you're just going to make stuff up without any basis in what we have seen then you might as well propose that Isshin is actually Aizen's master who put Aizen on that job because he's angry that Yamamoto kicked him out of SS those centuries ago.

Back to reality:
I think that TK has given us hints as to Isshin real identity. And I'm gonna try to use only scenes or events or items that we have actually seen.
What do we know? What have we seen?

1) Isshin appears with captain's hadori
2) Quite knowledgeable about SS/vaizards etc
3) He and Urahara know each other and -this is important- show respect for each other (i.e. Urahara is not his usual silly/mischievious self)

A) In the TBTP arc we never see all the captains. Every time they come together 2 captains are missing.
B) Someone here said Shinji didn't recognize Isshin's reiatsu. That's true, but then again when they were fighting Kensei and co, they didn't recognize their reiatsu either.
C) Urahara has the knowledge to mask or erase reiatsu (with the cloak or the special gigai)

So the question is, why would TK show us Isshin in a captain's hadori - and acting the way, if he would then simpl,y turn around and go "Ha! Fooled ya, Isshin is actual Santa Claus" (or something equally absurd).
If you look back through the episodes, if TK has dropped similar hints then they were followed through (otherwise they wouldn't have been hints - more like red herrings)
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