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Originally Posted by Jan-Poo View Post
I'm sorry but I'll have to reiterate that you are unilaterally concluding that everything supernatural is magic. I'll say it once again:"magic" has a precise meaning in Umineko, in order to avoid confusion you shouldn't use it in its widespread meaning.

Provide a proof of single instance where it was stated that "red truth" = "magic", then we can talk.
I have to interject here. Nothing in what you quoted talks about red truth at all so you're not reiterating anything relevant. AT's talking about types of magic. The magic of certainty, the magic of defeating fate with miracles, the endless, which always claim it got what it wants, making 1 from 0 i.e witch of origns, etc. These are all themes that appear in the story that exist outside the definition saying magic is an embellishment. There is more than one type of magic. The text even creates a dichotomy of white witches and black witches who obviously beleive very different things. Now AT may have been talking about red truth earlier, but he's not invoking Dlanor's Knox's 2nd argument.
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