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I would really love to hear a defintion of justice that is not based on subjective constructs of good and evil in the context of a certain societies equality system.
The construction of justice is arbitrary and subjective, but morally upright justice derives its foundations from universal ethical principles. Of course if you don't believe that to be the case, I suppose you're free to turn up your nose at the notion that any individual can act unethically at all.

I don't want to get into a philosophical debate as to whether universal principles exist, as it is wildly off topic. The point is, even if a justice system is entirely arbitrary and in conformity with the mores of the society in which it applies, murder is considered wrong in 1980s Japan, as I imagine it is wherever you are. Society does not value the taking of life. Yet many societies will not "punish" death with death. They still want to see justice done, however.

The mere fact that the culprit remains unknown is a miscarriage of justice, if for no other reason than it does not satisfy the desire of individuals to have some understanding as to why the crime occurred (and individual desires should be able to skirt the entire argument about societal justice models, as they fulfill solely individual needs).
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