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If in the real world crimes were both committed and not committed by an individual simultaneously, I would err on the side of being merciful. However, that sort of scenario never plays out. So far as we can tell, there's only one history, and so far as I can tell from Umineko there's only one "real" outcome of events.

Besides, we seem to be forgetting that the box is only metaphorically closed by lack of information known to us. Both Battler and Eva were actually there, remember, and both of them survived. The lack of any appreciable information applies only to Ange, and to us. Battler and Eva both actually observed what occurred, they simply chose not to, or were unable to, reveal what they saw.

If I peek into the box and see that the cat is in fact dead, then close the box up and refuse to tell you my observation, there is no chance whatsoever that the cat will be alive when you check it.
You keep talking about the pieces when I'm talking about the author. Tohya, Eva, and the diary are parts of the Twilight narrative, not things that necessarily have an independent existence. Suppose I write something like this:

Dick and Jane were seen going into the hotel room together. There were sounds of arguing followed by a gunshot, so the neighbors called the police. The officers arrived and found the murderer standing over the victim's body. They arrested the culprit at once.
Clearly I've had the characters establish that there was a specific culprit, but I as the author didn't establish who it was. The story is consistent both with Dick being the killer and Jane being the killer. So tell me, which of them should I write into the ending of the story? Who should I kill, and who should I condemn as the culprit?

How about if I replace "Dick and Jane" with "Renall's mother and father"?
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