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Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant View Post
Feel free to burn Iranian embassies to the ground, if you are prepared for the consequences.

If you think we have to THANK you for not acting like lunatics, that's your opinion. Iran had its entire government removed and replaced by a brutal dictatorship under the orders of the CIA. As far as I know Americans never felt bad about that. They just assume "Iran is evil so it is okay". Nevermind that the only reason the religious extremists are running the place was because of their need to overthrow the dictatorship.

You want Iranians dead? Then say so. Have your holy war. Don't make up excuses about "they might get nukes".
That's exactly what the scum working for that government deserve for creating a precedent. In history books, it could have happened but for the SAS in London.

The Ayatollah and his folowers were effete a-holes in 1979/80 to begin with. There are other US-supported regimes that were thrown out, but the locals had enough brains to not attack embassies the way they did because they knew the bad press they'd get if they did. You haven't answered my question: did they really need to attack a sovereign territory (the definition of an embassy) because they feel like it? Overthrowing the government should have been enough while Americans had no longer reason to stay there with the Shah gone (see about Saigon 1975).

I want that regime down and those extremist religious scum flushed out by the people in the same manner the King of France was rightfully thrown out by the angry mobs, not the citizens that have shown a significant pulse in desiring change.

You have a problem with the West, then YOU say so! I can't stand ungrateful people speaking ill on about the country (or countries) that give those same people the right and tools to speak out freely while other countries are cutting that right short within their borders.

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