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Originally Posted by Haiprbim View Post
Creating multiple threads with the same focus is not really wanted.
Why not? In nearly all cases where an old thread is brought back from the dead it seems as if very few people note the time stamps. The majority begin to respond to the original posts (usually the first post, in some cases one of the first five or so). That original post may be outdated, yet the newer post is grouped into it just because the overall idea is similar.

Personally, I wish that we could apply something like this to the entire forum. If a thread hasn't been touched in a year, maybe two, then lock it. New discussions that take place within old threads cause many people to respond to the original posts, yet many of the original posters are either not active or are no longer following the thread. The discussion theme may be the same, but because of chronology and the shift in participants they are distinct conversations and it makes little sense to have them grouped together.
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