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Originally Posted by Haiprbim View Post
But you have missed the point that it is the thread starter's "job" to create the opening post/starting post on the way that the other members can work on.
We provide guidelines for people asking and making suggestions, and I believe this get's the point across. Telling folks that it's their "job" to keep their threads updated is as ridiculous as telling sigmakers that it is their "job" to fill out all requests made.

Originally Posted by Haiprbim View Post
From the feedback the creator gets, it is very wanted to update the first post regularly, for the new members that come into discussion to know where things currently stand.
No, that's just how you want the threads to work.

If other people want to use them as a reference, then they need to see it as a personal request that was once made, and not as something that will get regular updates just because they want it to.

@Triple_R, Ledgem:

** I am not totally against the idea of creating new threads instead of necroing old ones, but I would need to hear the reasoning for this each time a thread is made. Either on the first post, or as a private message sent to the staff. This doesn't mean we will always agree on the reasoning, but we will at least hear you out.

** My personal take on the matter. One that doesn't reflect the views of all staff members.
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