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You have clearly misunderstood me there, Seiji.

Well, it doesn't matter.
I don't want this discussion to be yet another one who keeps going in circles with no productivity, just everyone trying to be smart in their own way and with that take their own, and everyone else's time away.

I have said that you have my support already for multiple reasons, so you can cut it there.
Also, as I requested with Daniel, do keep on topic. Especially if you have misunderstood something which I say that do not matter any more. I brought them up, I took them away, now please, keep on topic.

Originally Posted by Daniel E. View Post
Because threads in that section are not meant to be used as such.

Want to discuss a show? Then please use the corresponding thread, or create one if there isn't any.
I was focusing especially and only on the Suggestions section, not any other.

Again, I asked you what you understood under the Suggestions section.
A Recommendation section, or a forums Suggestion section?

If we take this section for example.
It is used for suggestions/feedback and any kind of forums/website related issues.
Those are two very different kind of threads which you can create here, with the later one only requesting help and assistance of something already-existing, while the suggestions are quite complicated, at least AS forums looking.
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