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Originally Posted by GDB View Post
Then explain why Tales events often have more female fans at them than male fans? This fact basically completely negates every argument you can make against it.

First, I want to see some numbers for this.

Second, even if it did have a higher female fanbase, what does that prove? How does that change anything? The fans it happens to attract does not change what it was originally aimed after, what tropes it plays and what gender it those tropes benefit the most.

Now if you can find me an interview where the developers state that it was intended for a gender-neutral audience first before anything else I would take back what I said.

Originally Posted by Mr Hat and Clogs View Post
Personally I think labeling a game male or female only to be somewhat archaic (maybe even insulting these days). People are going to like what they like regardless of gender. Maybe certain genres could be expanded upon to increase appeal to a wider audience but designing something specifically for one gender these days is a failed ideal. I just point at the success of the MLP series as an example - on the surface its something for young girls, but yeah it has a... surprising amount of male viewers.
Basically, you can aim your stuff at a certain gender but have a majority of the other gender(or alarmingly high amount) get into it anyway, that doesn't change what gender it was primarily focused on.

If the Barbie series ended up having a primarily male fanbase that does not change that they are primarily focused on girls.
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