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Originally Posted by NeutralZero View Post
In a way it will also be a big step forward for her to be in the same place Touma is standing right now...
You mean almost dead?

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Here's something we should consider: Brunhild's power level changes depending on whether the Saint or Valkyrie is stronger, since they cancel each other out. There is an intermediary period in which both Saint and Valkyrie powers were equal, and as such both powers would be reduced to zero, rendering her an ordinary human for three months and a few days. Therefore, where exactly is she in terms of her powers?
I doubt she's in a weak phase, or she shouldn't be there. They are expecting to fight Othinus after all, she would only get in the way.
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Btw, interrupting this for a short commercial-

New Testament 6 has sold 98043 copies in it's first week.

-Now back to your regularly scheduled program.
Ah, almost 100k. Too bad it didn't cross that line, but it's still good.
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