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Originally Posted by XFire View Post
Kazuto is a gamer and plays by the worlds rules.

Kirito has forcibly overwritten the game rules twice because Asuna was hurt.

It'd go like this: Big fight, Kirito "dies" (HP zero), Yuki does whatever evil thing she was going to do (I can't actually imagine her as evil though), Kirito resurrects and strangles her avatar, somehow killing her in the real world.

Basically its a difference in mindset. If Kirito was out for blood like against Kayaba and Evil McDouche (WTH is his name again) then it wouldn't matter how strong Yuki was, Kirito would hack the game with his mind and kill her anyway
hahaha "evil mc douche"

that's where I'm a bit disappointed, does that mean kirito doesn't stand a chance against yuuki in a fair fight? without the dual wield that's considered as a"cheat" by most people here?
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