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Fixed my post above, the doujinshi I mentioned are published in C81, which has not happened yet

Originally Posted by Makender View Post
The reason I put deeper nether-regions is because fakku is one of the most obvious choices that you somehow seemed to miss (I guess because it was too obvious). Anyways, like I said you were able to find more (albeit very few) with some effort.
I never checked, because I didn't find anything raw in the first place so looking for translations didn't make much sense at that point. As information source, it is also quite crap, filled with errors in data, programming-wise the site put simply... sucks. Not to mention that the majority of its users are total idiots (there are exceptions). That said, I visit from time to time, especially when I get too frastrated reading raws or in the mood for really stupid chatting, only the random board beats it

Originally Posted by Makender View Post
Regarding Mirai Nikki's popularity from the inception of its manga and subsequent lack of doujins, could be westen buzz making it seem more popular than it actually is elsewhere and thus not getting enough perceived fan love in spite of perceived popularity.
Nah, it is popular, looking at sales for anime/manga/BL, volume 12 is ranked 196 (after 7-8 months) and v.01 is at 424 (after 5.5 years). But a better indicator would be the internal ranking of the magazine it was published in... my understanding is that this is the biggest part of a franchises income generation, neither the collected volumes, nor the anime volumes (when the publisher is involved). In any case popularity overseas pretty much amounts to nothing. And I understand your argument about being popular, if for no other reason, it's another one in the long list of works that had a far worse professional commercial release than an amateurish pirated one.
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