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Originally Posted by bhl88 View Post
Waitress? There are maid cafes that closed though (Royal T, one in Detroit). The only one anime cafe that I know survived is Anime Ramen (in Nevada)
IMO, there are some elements to consider:
  1. First and foremost, the theme should be interesting but still pleasant for eating & drinking. For example, don’t make a theme such as “slasher movies” with all the (fake) blood and intestines decorations. Scary theme is okay (e.g. Halloween) but never use gore. Also, don’t make the place uncomfortable by presenting ecchi or the likes. The place to eat/drink must be made as relaxing as possible.
  2. The food & drinks themselves must be good and pretty much match with the theme (but it’s still okay to have some “neutral” menu without the theme).
  3. The service. This one includes many things from how the waiters/waitresses greet a customer, their costumes, manners, etc. I always think that Maid Cafes are a little bit too “extreme” at their service it actually makes some potential customers feel uncomfortable (mostly girls and family customers) and avoiding the place like the plague. Keep the service in-theme but “tame” enough so it doesn’t scare the unfamiliar/new customers.
  4. Don’t forget to advertise the cafe.
  5. Last resort: cheap price will draw customers too.
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