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Poor Nora is already riding the line. In that day and age being accused of witchcraft by the church was a death sentence. They haven't taken any action yet, but as Lawrence made it clear, it's where they're headed.
They are doing it indirectly! they keep sending her on dengerous routes. this time they are sending her to an area where there are mercenaries. The church doesn't want to dirty their hands so they are doing it indirectly.

Originally Posted by Souten no Seigyoku View Post
However, even if the gold smuggling scheme works out, he still lost money from the armor.
He still owns the Armor, he didn't lose any money! the company never bought the armor from him.
If Lawrence had know what was happening, he could have left before showing at the company and gone to another town where the price for armor had not dropped and sold it there. It was too late after he found out the facts, and now he can't leave town to sell the armor. Once he get enough money to pay the debt and make a profit, he can leave town and sell the armor somewhere else.
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