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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
As for our MercFH who gave the episode a "1" ... looking over his posts he seems to be almost exclusively a Rosario to Vampire fan with some Rental Magica fandom thrown in. He's certainly allowed to give whatever rating he wants - but people might be less likely to dismiss him as a troll if he'd provide a post with some rationale for his vote. Sometimes people throw a "1" because they misunderstand what is meant by "painful" (that happened on a few tragic series when an episode was very good -- but made the men cry).

Then again, there's the "people love this series therefore I shall be contrarian troll" motive ....
Actually after checking it out it was just a accidental vote. Going for a higher one and it ended up as a 1. Does happen to people, know I've made a bad vote before. Though don't ask him where and when since I can't remember . Certainly some do give 1 votes for a lot of reasons, but this one just sits on the accident side.

Anyways, back to the episode. Church really is something. Ugly form of trying to get rid of her. Let the mercenaries and natural dangers do the work for them. If she doesn't make it lament the passing of such a soul.

While risky the plan does help out a lot of people. The company in question gets some much needed money which will save them. Lawrence doesn't end up in a mine where he'll be lucky not to die. Nora doesn't eventually get killed by something in her Church supported gauntlet. Horo gets to continue going along with Lawrence. Hopefully it goes as well as possible.
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