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Originally Posted by seiji_kun View Post
Yeah but wasn't that cause he saw his sweetheart (Shirley)? Tho I'm not gonna say that even if he had taken Cordelias cockpit he would've had escaped from the Lancelot. But wasn't it all cause that orange hottie? (I don't mean orange-kun)

Seems I have to rewatch those eps. Cause in the version in my head I thougth he went theire cause of theire request and analyzed the situation and came to the conclusion it was hopeless. (while throwing roses to the masses & signing autographs to his fans).

Or did he went theire just to blow up the tanker so it would give him a better chance to catch Cordelia? Guess I should rewatch those two eps. Well it are the eps I never bothered to rewatch cause to less C.C. Like we had in the recent episodes. More C.C.!!!
If he hadn't hesitated when he saw Shirley he could have used Cornelia as a hostage against Suzaku. At the very least Guilford and Darlton would not have let them act recklessly if the safety of the princess was in danger.

It was Lelouch's plan from the start to blow the tanker and use the JLF as a diversion to draw in Britannia's forces. Diethard was the one that made the analysis that the JLF were basically finished and that it would be easier to use them as bait to take out the enemy's main force.
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