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If he hadn't hesitated when he saw Shirley he could have used Cornelia as a hostage against Suzaku. At the very least Guilford and Darlton would not have let them act recklessly if the safety of the princess was in danger.
Yeah I wanted to put it down that he could've ofcourse use her as a hostage, but imo the Lancelot was so close bye that he prolly could've rescued her without her beeing in danger. Cause he only lost focus for less then 5 secs. And I think you'll agree with me that Suzaku is reckless enough to take that action and would've been able to prolly pull it off against those inferior knightmares with his Lancelot.

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It was Lelouch's plan from the start to blow the tanker and use the JLF as a diversion to draw in Britannia's forces. Diethard was the one that made the analysis that the JLF were basically finished and that it would be easier to use them as bait to take out the enemy's main force.

Thx for clearifying it. In the version I remembered cause I'm a Lelouch fan I remembered it the wrong way it seems.

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More C.C.!!!
And an amen to that!
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