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Originally Posted by ZeroSama View Post
Er her feelings didn't really stop her massacring the Japanese which was an order that she found repulsive. Also look at Darlton he was wounded yet he still went off to capture(and ultimately seriously injure) Cornelia, a person that he greatly admired and respected.
Darlton may not be as strong-willed as Euphemia. Ever think of that? Also, Darlton's injury was not as serious. He was shot in the side. Euphemia was dieing. There is a difference.

That's my point if he hadn't of shown up it was all over for them. The only reason they managed to escape was because he dropped a mountain on Cornelia's forces.
He didn't just drop a mountain on Cornelia's forces. He dropped a mountain on pretty much the main fighting forces of the JLF (and then used them as cover while they escaped). But the fact that Cornelia considered them a giant threat to do a sneak attack proves that they were NOT on their last legs.

Also Lulu has killed innocents, i won't deny that, but at least he tries to avoid it as much as possible.
Yes... he tried so hard to avoid it during the lack Rebellion... and when he destroyed the mountain... and if you want to be technical, the whole Euhpie incident.

Clovis and Cornelia both ordered the cleansing of 2 ghettos just to either cover there ass or lure zero out, hardly bearers of justice and virtue.
You are correct. But don't go claiming that Lelouch is some paradigm of justice when he is just as bad.
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