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Originally Posted by Orga777 View Post
They were HARDLY on their last legs. They had trouble against Cornelia because 1) Corneila is a tactical mastermind (she beat Lelouch remember?), 2) had them COMPLETELY surrounded, and 3) had them out numbered like 3 to 1.
I wonder when this happened. Was it when Cordelia got first introduced? And Lelouch had no followers and tried to repeat that miracle that he made happen in the second episode? With all do respect, she ain't such a tactical mastermind. She's advanced but not on the lvl of a Lelouch or Schneizel. The only reason Cordelia won was cause of her advanced knightmares and cause the troops didn't follow Lelouches commands either.

But like C.C. said afterwards, he shouldn't look for excuses cause he has the gift to create miracles. He just doesn't has to overestimate himself. Which is one of his flaws, he's to arrogant at times but that's one of the things I like bout him. The fact that he thinks he can overcome anything.
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