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Originally Posted by seiji_kun View Post
I think this is just a matter of opinion cause in all honosty I can't even remember the Nina mid-term scene this episode though I can remember that stupid scene where she shows in the background. Like I said earlier, the hug is something Fellin would've had to if it wasn't for the wound and Leerin and Nina suddenly showing up ruining any chance at a cute scene between them.
I meant Leerin for 24 mid-term, I wasn't trying to promote Nina there. Felli just didn't have anything like that or the 'marvelous Advent Children hug'.
To me they are not more then little bonus scenes to how you so nicely put it, to show a bit more how they ended. Nothing significant happens in it except for the most obvious things.

If they were really that important it would been add before the credits cause (a stupid example) in the cinema you always see the majority just leave during the credits even if it has bonus scenes next to the credits. Which only shows how insignificant they really are.
Well, this isn't a western cinema movie though and they're not Jackie Chan shooting mistakes either. I assume that you have already seen such conclusive scenes during credits of final episodes before? If you haven't: Many series have that kind of endings and they are always the most significant part regarding the end, they're definitive to people's state and what they do in the aftermath of the events. If it shows something, it's the final and ultimate word about that issue till another season.
I apologize bye all means if that's how I came a cross. Blame the internet and not only me. I know your comment about Felli that she's out was probably only joking but it's so hard to know whether people are joking or serious on the internet. Even with a :P since people dare to abuse that as an excuse if they're joking. Or maybe I'm just one hell of a cynical guy.

We're all free to our own opinion, just saying that I don't agree at all with Felli is totally out if you were serious. And yeah maybe I went in a bit to smuggish or childish way about it.
I think that Felli's already out since back ep 18 end but I was merely joking about the eager comments. I chose the word "wishful thinking" because it didn't seem offensive to me, it wasn't said with offensive intention in any case.
But like I said in one of the comments that got deleted which I'm glad for cause that wasn't a real sign of maturity (giving in to flamebait). This shown isn't romance oriented. It's action oriented and in like a lot of them they ignore the romance or hardly do it justice. Here beeing a mix of it. Giving some romance but hardly conclusive enough. So open that we can start a discussion similar to: Did Lelouch die or did he live?
Yup and I told that I'm not really interested in the romance aspect of the show. It provides fun and some spice at times and I like it that way, rather than overblown focus on it. That's why I don't get into those shipping battles.
And if I have to say my opinion about it, I go with Felli beeing the one who had the final scene and was acting like a wife catching her husband cheating with his mistress. Leerin's hug was cute and all but in the end they didn't even bother to show him sending her of. Having the final scene speaks volumes for me and rolling credits are just rolling credits. But I know all that's just my opinion.
The thing is that Layfon already rejected Felli's advance so he doesn't need to be faithful towards Felli. Funny yeah but I had expected Felli to mature a little bit by now. She at least took up her combat responsibilities like Nina wanted so I'm still content by that much. Rolling credits I explained above, they're the word of anime god.
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