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Originally Posted by Redlar View Post
Do you have any idea how annoying that is? Suddenly, insults and off-topic ensue
Please, if you're going to derail a thread, could you try to be civil?
To be fair, it's less annoying then size 5 font. Also, I do believe a discussion about where the episode puts the girls with Layfon is legitimate. I would comment on over generalization and the irony here, but will instead focus on:

Originally Posted by black_cat1 View Post
The witch :"My show time is too fucking slow!"
One of the best lines all season.

Originally Posted by holyman282 View Post
Did anyone else find it funny when Nina sees dixero and says "dick" LOL

that scene just made me laugh out loud!!~!
Maybe I just forgot, but I was a bit surprised at this. When did Nina learn his name? When he was talking to her before the sparkly hug reunion in ep. 19? I don't recall that

Originally Posted by velvet nightmare View Post
wait so did lintence take layfon's heaven's blade or the one savaris left behind?
He took back Layfon's blade. Speaking of Lintence, although it hasn't been said, there is some implication that he's one of the strongest HBs and kind of the defacto leader giving orders and all during the fight. Anyone have any idea?

Also, as a side note, I'm not sure where people are getting the teenager = I can be super immature excuse. Almost all the main characters including Layfon and the harem are teenagers However, you can see the clear differences in each of them.
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