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relentlessflame I like the idea you're alluding to of a life cycle and only really caring for the NOW and FUTURE and not the past. But some of the things you're saying and the current format doesn't really fit into that. Is this something recent or something you've cooked up years ago? (I'm assuming it's recent)

What I don't really understand in your post...
  • How does allowing members to create topics clash with the idea of a lifecycle? If you're gonna move everything into a forum anyway what's the disadvantage? Surely locking/deleting a topic is just as easy as aproving one; the only difference would be the discussion would be a lot more open for the community.

  • You say you have an "an allowance for unique threads", I have no complaint with you having ONLY template threads if you're going for a lifecycle but what's this "unique thread" you speak of? Sound like you're saying "only what I would discuss", can you elaborate on what exactly is a unique thread and how the staff claims to be impartial on this.

  • If I'm reading this correctly, having a forum will become temporary things while it's active, or that it's just an "extention" (no other purpose). If that's the case then General discussion thread not stickied? No really. If it's an EXTENTION then that's still THE most important thread there, isn't it? Episode threads aren't meant to house discussion, but thoughts on the episode; or at least that's what they come off as. Additionally if it's a lifecycle then why aren't episode threads locked when a new one is created? Similarly for chapter threads. For series with a manga why isn't there a general manga discussion and only chapter threads?

    tl;dr Why is the persistent/main thread either not available at all or not highlighted?

There are some other things that seem off but that's all for now.
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