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Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
I think the general direction of the forum is and will continue to go in the opposite direction of what is being requested here, for better or worse.
Why is this so?

I've re-read your post a few times now, and I'm still not seeing what real benefit Anime Suki hopes to take from going in the opposite direction of what is being requested by some members on this thread.

The principle of one topic, one thread is probably a good one, which is why I don't think anybody would object to the locking of, if not outright deletion of, truly redundant threads.

But if fans of a show believe that there's a specific thread topic not adequately covered by the ones typically created within subforums, and if that show's subforum no longer has an issue in keeping its episode threads "front and center" as those episodes are no longer airing for the first time, I'm not sure what the real downside is to letting the core following left in such subforums enjoy freer thread creation.

Also, while I respect that no series subforum can avoid retirement forever, I'm a bit worried at the idea of an "one size fits all" life-cycle approach being used for them.

Take the Haruhi Suzumiya subforum for example. Given Kadokawa and KyoAni's pace at furthering that anime along, it could conceivably be years until more Haruhi anime is out. Yet, it is fair to say that the Haruhi Suzumiya subforum hasn't been particularly active in a long time (its subforum is one of the ones that I could see benefiting significantly from freer thread creation).

So suppose Fall 2012 comes around, and no new Haruhi anime is anywhere on the horizon. Would Anime Suki be just about ready to retire the Haruhi subforum then? If so what happens if, come 2014, a new Haruhi anime comes out? Does the Haruhi subforum get "unretired"? How does that even work?

I'm sincerely curious about all of this.

But on a broader level, I'm wondering what exactly is it that you're hoping to avoid by not going in the direction requested on this thread? What are you concerned might happen if you take Anime Suki in that direction?

It's difficult to discuss the pros and cons of different suggested directions unless we know what the perceived cons of those directions are.

Personally, I don't see any harm in opening up older series subforums to thread creation by the members left on that series subforum. I'm inclined to agree with Sackett that the idea I put forward would produce more benefits than harm. If anybody disagrees, it would be nice to know why.

As for stray topics that don't fit into one of the existing categories but aren't worth a thread on their own, we do indeed want people to use the General Discussion thread if one exists.
And general speaking, that's fine.

However, when it comes to "breathing new life" into an older subforum, this approach is not particularly useful.

The reason is "General Discussion" isn't exactly a sexy topic heading that's going to necessarily draw attention to it when people notice that it's been recently updated by a post.

However, a more specific thread topic may draw attention to it, as it might touch on a topic or idea that is interesting to some people.

I realize that this position isn't going to match everyone's ideals about how they'd like to see the Forum run. But, by the same token, we don't believe that we can be all things to all people.
That's fine, but which people do you think are better served by not taking up my idea?

I don't see how it serves the dedicated fans of older anime shows that have subforums, as it can only make it harder to generate interesting discussions on the subforums for those shows.

I don't see how it serves the interests of more general anime fans on Anime Suki because they probably won't be on older anime subforums much anyway.

As for AS Moderators, I would think that felix is correct. Surely locking/deleting a topic is just as easy as approving/rejecting one.

In conclusion, I'm genuinely perplexed as to why your response to my idea has been largely negative, I think it's fair to say. Nobody on this thread has opposed it (while Ledgem and Sackett have both already expressed at least some support for the idea), and I don't see any significant downside to it, nor has any such downside been mentioned thus far on this thread, so... ?


Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
Very few of the ideas expressed here are new (at least for as long as I've been on the staff/mod team, which is years now).

1. The purpose of allowing free topic creation in the context of this conversation was to help breath life into a forum that is past its prime, which I'm saying is not a goal we intend to pursue.
... Why? This is truly bewildering to me.

I mean, insofar as such "breathing new life" into an older forum can be achieved by good thread creation by members alone (without needing AS Mods to spice it up somehow with active work), I don't get why the AS Mods would actually be against that.

Breathing new life into an older forum can only help Anime Suki. It can only create more interest in part of this site, which is good for the site as a whole.

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