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Why is this so?
Because the structure of the sub-forums are not currently designed to adequately support this approach, and we favour maintaining our design and general moderation approach than to pursue this secondary goal that would require breaking our pattern to serve a much smaller group of members. As I said, our preferred alternative is that the small group of remaining members make Social Groups where they can take full control over the management of the "space". This keeps the community active within the AnimeSuki Forum website, just not on the forum strictly-speaking. In other words, out of the sub-forum a community remains as a remnant, and when the sub-forum is no longer the best avenue to support that community (because its thread structure no longer fits), the community migrates to a social group and the sub-forum (whose structure is now antiquated and less useful) dies. We're just saying we're not going to open up the sub-forum to keep it alive artificially, but that doesn't mean the community has to die.

All that to say: don't breath new life into a dead space. Instead, move to a new space that takes the flavour of the remaining inhabitants. I think that has the potential to be a lot more vibrant anyway, but it really depends entirely on the fans.

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But if fans of a show believe that there's a specific thread topic not adequately covered by the ones typically created within subforums, and if that show's subforum no longer has an issue in keeping its episode threads "front and center" as those episodes are no longer airing for the first time, I'm not sure what the real downside is to letting the core following left in such subforums enjoy freer thread creation.
I'm not sure in the first place that thread creation is improperly restricted, at least until the point the series is retired. If the thread provides a good opportunity for discussion, isn't better-covered by one of the existing threads, and isn't a forum game or something that is against our Forum Rules, I think we generally allow it. I've not seen that many times where we've rejected a "good" thread request (except, as noted above, cases where maybe we missed the request, which can happen). So I'm not sure I see the issue here, at least in the pre-retirement phase, except maybe some people have a much broader definition of what constitutes a "good thread" than some of the mods do. But that's a difference of opinion, not necessarily a flaw in the approach.

(I would say in general that some people tend to be a bit more "thread-happy" than fits our moderation philosophy in general. Many topics are similar and don't require a new thread; our philosophy has always been to keep the same topic in the same thread, and that's not going to change.)

Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
So suppose Fall 2012 comes around, and no new Haruhi anime is anywhere on the horizon. Would Anime Suki be just about ready to retire the Haruhi subforum then? If so what happens if, come 2014, a new Haruhi anime comes out? Does the Haruhi subforum get "unretired"? How does that even work?
I don't know when Haruhi would be considered for retirement. But, in this hypothetical situation, yes, the sub-forum would come out of retirement. This happened once before with Utawarerumono, which got a series of OVAs many years after the TV anime aired and the sub-forum was already retired.

In general I would just say that you need to consider the big picture when making these sorts of requests. Implementing a change that would seem to benefit a small group of members may seem like an obvious thing to do, but I fear that you haven't really thought through all the implications. For example, there is a significant benefit for all anime series sub-forums to have the same structure and a similar moderation approach. This is why, not too long after limiting sub-forums, we extended that same pattern to all other anime series sub-forums on the site. This helps people understand our expectations and gets people into a habit of what to expect and of how things work. This predictability is invaluable when you're dealing with a community of our size; it reduces moderation issues significantly, and is generally what allows AnimeSuki Forum to run smoothly with a very small but dedicated moderation team.

In other words, just because you can do a thing, and doing that thing would make some people happy, doesn't automatically mean that you should do a thing, especially when there are other ways of accomplishing the same thing that would realize most or even all of the same goals without breaking the established pattern or system. I think we do have a suitable alternative in this case that I think has the potential to accomplish the purpose even better than the immediate proposal (because it's not only open, but community-managed).

That doesn't necessarily address every single point you raised, but I hope that addresses the main ones.

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