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@felix (i find it a bit long to quote your post)

The most intelligent posts that i find are in the general and the specific episode discussions. Because they contain analyses of the current episodes and speculations of future episodes. By the time an anime has finished, there is not much left to speculate except on the ending or on the unresolved plot (or the plotholes) of the anime. Most people will lose some interest of an older anime after a new season starts, unless the anime was a huge succes like Steins;Gate, Code Geass, Madoka etc. But I think that you don't always need a new topic for discussing that, because people who are still reading and posting on those older sub forums are surely fans. Also because less things are posted after an anime has reached it's prime, you can still debate with the fans in those forums without the interuptions of the "casual" viewers.

To be fair, there are more than enough debates in existing topics of certain anime sub forums of popular series or in the shounen series like one piece, fairy tail etc. Saying that there are hardly any debates in this forum is not that true. In fact anyone can stir up a discussion, which in most occasions quickly leads into a debate.
But I assume you probably want to discus something less general and you want a seperate topic for that.
While i can see your point that you want more freedom of creating new topics that can start new discussions threads about something more specfic that's not suited for the general discussion, but i think that you are not taking moderators in consideration. I am pretty sure that they moderate the forums voluntarily and don't have the time to do this 24/7.

So in a way, you are giving the mods a harder time to moderate more and closing pointless topics and handing out infractions ,while you satisfy a small group of people. Also i don't think it's just fear, because infractions and bans never truly stopped the trolls creating pointless threads in other forums.

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