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Originally Posted by SeijiSensei View Post
The most recent case in point is the thread for Cross Game. It has over 3,400 postings, which I believe is the most for any show that doesn't have a sub-forum. As in all popular series, there were the occasional postings of "I hope this gets a sub-forum" usually followed quickly by more postings to the effect of "please, no." The general consensus in that thread was that a sub-forum would dissipate discussion by spreading it over dozens of threads.
Ano Mita is another example, and it's honestly a lot more common then you'd think. It's usually shot to pieces by moderators under the pretext of it's off-topic; hence why you don't really hear it too much. Though frankly if you're going to be doing it how is people voicing "we don't want no shitty subforum" not relevant. The only shows that don't get this are the ones that get a lot of shipping and or image spam.
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