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Originally Posted by Plant42 View Post
Here is my summary

This is the story of a NEET and Hikikomori siblings who are also a genius gamer that become an urban legend on internet known as "Kuuhaku"(空(sora(brother))+白(shiro(sister)) = 空白(Kuuhaku)) a legendary gamer who never lost once.
One day the two were summoned to a parallel world where war was prohibited by God and everything will be settled by a game. Be it a territory , life or even a chastity(?).
Will these two hopeless human become a savior for mankind who got chased by the other races till they only have one city left?

I've read the first volume and It's really a great series, can't wait for vol.2

And no this one is not a story focus on video game.
It's about every kind of game such as chess, cards and ETC that play in a way out of common sense.

Their opponents are those inhuman races such as angels, dragons, elves, beastmen and etc who possessed every kind of extraordinary powers. While human have nothing.

p.s. vol.2 is coming at the end of this month

I stand corrected then. Sounds like an interesting premise, and I definitely like it when characters who are far outmatched use their wits to compensate for their lack of overwhelming advantages, much like in the manga Mx0. Might give this one a shot.
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