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Originally Posted by Shinso Tsukune View Post
I think Gyokuro is all talk and no show, sure she may have caught Tsukune off guard, but that don't mean anything, she was doing everything she could to stay away from Haji and Gin. Once Tsukune gains his power-up, wiping the floor with Gyokuro should be a breeze for him.
With all due respect I feel you're seriously underestimating her. I can see her taking Haiji's Empty Fist attacks and not even flinching. "Oh my," she replies, the same smile on her face, "was that supposed to hurt?" I mean look at what she did in the audience chamber, and that wasn't even being serious. I fear if she went all out, she'd reduce Tsukune to paste. It's way too soon for him to tangle with an elder vampire, they're a lot stronger than their younger counterparts, as Gyokuro efficiently proved. So as much as I'd love to see good triumph over evil, I don't want Akihisa to resort to trolling in order to do it. That would look very bad in my book. Though we'll find out in the new year. Until then...
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