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Originally Posted by Alhazad2003 View Post
With all due respect I feel you're seriously underestimating her. I can see her taking Haiji's Empty Fist attacks and not even flinching. "Oh my," she replies, the same smile on her face, "was that supposed to hurt?" I mean look at what she did in the audience chamber, and that wasn't even being serious. I fear if she went all out, she'd reduce Tsukune to paste. It's way too soon for him to tangle with an elder vampire, they're a lot stronger than their younger counterparts, as Gyokuro efficiently proved. So as much as I'd love to see good triumph over evil, I don't want Akihisa to resort to trolling in order to do it. That would look very bad in my book. Though we'll find out in the new year. Until then...
Well i think she knew that he won't hit her then.
And so far everything goes as she planned, so i guess that's why she's so calm.
About Tsukune he was tired and exausted from fighting Akuha, while i believe he would still lose i think it would a litle different if he was in better.
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