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Originally Posted by Chris38 View Post
Well, in my opinion, Inner Moka is definitely going to have more appearances in the future arc's.

As for Outer Moka, well based upon the developments so far... I think we have no choice but to have some tearful goodbye scene for her, near the end of this arc.

And... it's not caused by the fact that the seal has been broken by Gyokuro... it's because of the other function the Rosario has.

In other words, after the introduction of those vampires injected with parts of Alucard, and Tsukune's "change" that started occurring in the latest chapter... I don't see the solution that Akasha used to "solve" the Alucard problem, working anymore.

Basically, the Rosario is the only object remaining that can ... more or less, keep Alucard in check, and assuming that they get it away from Gyokuro, and since I doubt that anyone present on the scene, who would be strong enough to defeat Alucard, I don't see Mikogami or / and Tohou Fuhai returning such an important item to Moka, just to "revive" her Outer personality.

After all, it would be a pretty illogical move on their part, since Moka and Tsukune are definitely going to continue having contact with Fairy Tale / the Masked King, after this arc is over, and having the Rosario in their possession, would just make the "enemy" try to take it away from them, again... returning us to the same ... or maybe even worse problem then the one that we currently have.

Naturally we could be introduced to another plot twist that will cause some more changes, on the topic of Inner / Outer Moka... but, at the current moment this is what I think about this topic...
um yeah i guess your right but before all this crap happened inner moka would only come out during fights she would never be out of the rosary for any other reason...
inner moka evil soul good person
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