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Originally Posted by shadow1296 View Post
voceane has a point but maybe not exactly the way he's thinking the rosario created outer moka using her mother's appearence as a base and maybe her personality as well and the rosario was created to control alucard, it could be possible that the rosario could be used to save her mother by placing the rosario on alucard and make her mother the one in control of her and alucards body
... and a development like that, would cause this manga's story to break... since having anyone posses and control Alucard's body, would make him / her ridiculously overpowered.

That's why I doubt that a development like that will occur.

Of course, I could see a development, where the Rosario would be used to revive Akasha ... but, it will only happen if Akasha's "strength" and power levels would be seriously reduced in the process.

Otherwise, she should just remain trapped within Alucard (no matter how sad and tragic that sounds), since if Akasha would remain at the level, that she demonstrated in the flashback, her "return"... would pretty much cause the other characters to be overshadowed by her.
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