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Originally Posted by Drkz View Post

Is it me or did kamachi start making more sexual innuendos in his later works?
Waltraute and intelli village is indeed different in a way to me its Kamachi releasing his sexual tension. Sure Hevia and Quenser likes to sohut it out but they are busy battling at least 50 meter chunk of metal and the 3 heroes of tamni are busy in their own heroic way.

So that left this 2 works to show he can also do the fan service ecchi works that was currently being normal or at least from what I see this late years. They are becoming TOO NORMAL (for my liking)

At least this 2 aren't the his left over ideas and probably not his forte because you can see from his left over ideas that he is one screwed guy. Look at simple survey and now the second volume which is simple monitoring.

There is no simple in kamachi's mind. Reminding people who are watching index to keep their tickets and scan it for the mini novel that's been printed on it.
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