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Originally Posted by Filraen View Post
Meh, that's nothing against that other can of worms: what if commoners (which by religion are magicless and inferior to nobles) have a linker core and thus able to use Belkan magic to a certain degree?
Depends on how Halkenganian elemental magic interacts with the Linker Core.

The Halk magic style draws much of its power from the planet, which is somehow dwindling. Children in Brimir's day were capable of feats that Karin the Heavy Wind is pressed to match.

The four-element system (which they developed even before Brimir's life) probably took advantage of the planet's bounty, and didn't utilize their Linker Cores so much. Why strain an organ you don't have to?

A system which draws directly on the Core itself, like Midchildan or Belkan, might get better results with some gifted commoners.

Indeed, actually having a strong core might well interfere with Halk's system in a way that cannot be controlled. Louise should be so good at the theoretical side of elemental magic that she wouldn't be making a mistake without realizing it -- like drawing from the wrong source.

Are we going for Siesta, Belkan Knight in training? Because she's descended from Japan, and Japan produces monsters like Nanoha and Hayate.
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