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Originally Posted by Sunder the Gold View Post
It wouldn't be everyone. Not every commoner is going to have a linker core, and fewer would have strong ones.

Further, noble mages using the Halk system might still have an advantage from using the planet's energy, even if it's not as big an advantage as it used to be in their prehistory.

Of course, there are compressed mana cartridges... but Halk is a long way from producing Armed Devices.
In my headcanon everybody has a linker core, it's just not everybody has it "developed" (not sure on word) enough for using magic, and that's even not entering the realm of the freaks of nature like Nanoha.

Nanoha: Hey!
Me: If it makes you feel better, your one of my favorite freaks of nature.
Nanoha: Thanks- HEY!

Regardless... even if it isn't the 100%, the mere possibility of commoners learning magic is a big no-no by the church because it's against what they teach. While Louise's loyalty isn't with the church (directly) she won't go putting a free "Heretic, kill on sight" or siimilar announcement on her.

Originally Posted by bhl88 View Post
And unlike the mages = nobles system, Kaiser would be: mages = nobles = commoners = chosen ones, pissing off the elitist nobles
"Pissing off"? Heh, this will be a Holy Crusade against thos who oppose the teachings of the Founder: Join us or be killed like the heretic you are.

Originally Posted by Sunder the Gold View Post
In the course of this research, they might be able to solve this Windstone Crisis I hear people mention.
Those windstones are too deep to dig for them, but nobody says they can't teleport to a closer starting point and then dig for them. Also, while unconventional to Vita, she could help a lot. As for extracting the stones themselves, it's either teleporting them or making a variaton to the Linker Core extracting spell to drain the Windstones (they are made of magic as far as I understand)
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