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Originally Posted by TubZ View Post
btw... what size PRO Duo do you have on it?
I went for the 4 gig. More memory for my buck.

Originally Posted by jedinat View Post
Just don't upgrade the firmware to 5.50 if you want homebrew anytime soon. They've already patched the exploit (and it hasn't even come out yet... HEN got delayed, it might be another week until release).
Yeah I figured, but I went ahead and got the latest update for it anyway. (that start-off firmware was only like 4.-something or other) Homebrew would be nice sure, but as I said it's kind of an extra for me, as I'm going to have my hands full playing the multitude of JP games I have my eyes on. (and that's after I'm done with Crisis Core) I realize it might be some time before they hack the 5.50 update, but I'll be playing these PSP games for a while until then.
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