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Originally Posted by sayde View Post
^^At Ichigo's current rate of growth, the entire planet should literally crumble from his mere presence alone "many years down the line".

Counting Dangai time, I think the kid's only been a shinigami for roughly a year and he seems to have already surpassed the captain commander.

Kenpachi's a tough guy no doubt, but even if the he obtained Bankai and wielded it with both hands, I don't see how Ichigo would need any more than a single pinky toe to win a rematch with him (at this rate).

Ichigo's current strength is retarded. The only plausible out I could see for Kubo at this point is to reveal that since the instant Aizen got handpalmed, every single moment of their battle so far has been one massive illusion created by *gasps* Aizen's bankai. In other words, while Ichigo is pwning the crap out of Kyouka Suigetsu, the real Aizen (who'd hopefully be much more powerful than his illusion-created counterpart) is currently off creating the kings key while admiring Ichigo's new strength from a far.

If things turned out like this, it'd negate a lot Ichigo's current feats of strength this chapter since his current opponents strength (the illusion) couldn't be gauged very effectively. So while we'd be left knowing for a fact that Ichigo got stronger, we'd still have no idea of how much stronger he and Aizen have become.
Well it's either a temporary power up & major sacrifice or something like what you said.
If it's the first then the great villain we've been amused with dearly since he owned SS still comes off looking like a jackass. If it's the second one there's less damage done by Kubo to his main antagonist, but it's still overall annoying.

I'm thinking what Langus said. This new power has to have some kind of drawback, but where this leaves us with the story isn't clear.

Why was Aizen being OOC? Maybe Kubo thought it would make us impressed with Ichigo's newfound strength. Of course it hasn't, everyone is confused and we're left wondering what's going on. For once it would be nice for less philosophical ranting and some explanations.
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