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If indeed Fudo is a piece of Apollonius it is interesting Silvia and Mikono's impression of him.

To Silvia he is an ero-oyaji. To Mikono he is a damn know it all that infuriates her.

The way Celiane met Apollonius was on the battlefield. In episode 2 of Genesis of Aquarion Apollo being possessed by Apollonius after being bitten by Rena teases Silvia/Celiane about how she fights.

We know from Touma's lecture he considers Aquarion for intents and purposes Apollonius Wings of the Sun. This makes sense as we've seen Apollonius from the beginning guiding Apollo. What turns out he was wrong about was that Apollo was some spiritual remnant of Apollonius.

From the OVA Touma's last thought was the Aquarion embracing him. The Earth Revival Attack Mugen Punch killed him. That was enough to stop Apollo, Silvia and Reika's first attempt to revive life on Earth. Also OVA Touma was so sure Apollo was Apollonius that he used the reincarnations of Apollonius comrades for his plan to create a new species higher than Shadow Angels.

The epilogue implies the OVA Aquarion pilots just reincarnated.

Mykage isn't exactly Touma but a leftover manisfestation. He could be the very well be the anguish of Touma from both universes becoming its own being.

Mykage asked Fudo where his real body was and his current form was ugly. Remember Fudo and Touma never met face to face before.

Of the Genesis cast Fudo and Rena were the most enigmatic as their abilities and such predates the Great Incident. Not to mention they knew more than they on.
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