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Oh my god, and now we have the conspiracy theories, just like with Macross F (where they weren't true either but don't let that bother anyone). Yes, it must be the poor, oppressed staff struggling against Kawamori's evil orders! It can't be Okada Mari not being able to handle a cast this large, or just simply sucking at pacing. Naah. It must be Kawamori being evil/pathetic/unfairly biased towards his "OTP" (what?? lol)/anything that shows him in a bad light because he's not indulging some people's wishes about their favorite character.

(Never mind that there are still two episodes remaining, they can still get Zessica together with Amata just because whatever.)

I'm torn whether to read this thread purely for what seems to be developing here, or continue avoiding it so I don't feel an urge to comment...
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