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Originally Posted by xris View Post
I assume the new v2 torrent you guys just released includes your release of episode 1
Yeah thats right! Our own higher quality version of episode 1 is now in the torrent.
Originally Posted by Kaioshin_Sama View Post
In other words its the boxset I own. Hmmmm, You folks will be fixing up the subs so Rei (the Lazyner AI) isn't called Rick and such right?.
We are only using the boxset to source the video from. The HK subtitles are very poor and so we pretty much threw them away. We are proving our own subtitles with the much appreciated aid of the Lupin Gang scripts.

Here is a rough comparison/estimate between the HK subs, our subs and if a professional company like ADV were to do it:

HK subs - 3/10
ACR subs - 7/10
Pro subs - 9/10
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