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Originally Posted by Dee Eon View Post
Hi All:

Not to sound a shadow party pooper, but I'm starting to have a creepy feeling that the OVA will be a somewhat different animal than the series. KyotoAnimation by now would've felt the full impact and thrill of L*S's popularity and hype and will be riding a high horse which can very easy boomerang on them if they're tempted to play up that pop aspect (and marketing potential) in the OVA by not being canon with the manga or even the games but go a new "fan service" path to the extent that they end up parodying the series. Success, like spice, can spoil the soup if applied in excess.
aye... that's my creeping suspicion as well -- that the thing will be a blatant half-hour commercial rather than any pretense at the heart of "Raki*Suta". Omake? Fine, I guess .... but they should say so.
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