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Will it live up to the hype? - It'll be difficult I can tell you that. It's been three years since "AIR," and TYPE-MOON's "Fate/stay night" broke the sales record for "AIR" in the January. Will fans accept a game that has no ero-scenes? Will fans still honor Key for their heart-warming stories? Will fans be willing to play a game that is rumored to be twice as long as "AIR" ?
I do not think fans had problems accepting that there were no ero-scenes, considering the ďall-age versionĒ of Kanon was released first, and with nearly a years delay between that and the ďadult versionĒ(later followed by Kanonís non-H Dreamcast release). Itís almost as if the H version of Kanon was an afterthought, so to say that there will be an H version of Clannad eventually may not be far fetched.

I havenít played any of the Key games newer then Kanon, so I do not know if they are based on the same engine. Fate/Stay Night has been in development for about 3 years, but it is also Type-Moonís first professional game release; actual numbers on Tsukihimeís release in 2000 are impossible to calculate (if you look on Type-Moonís website, the media listed for Tsukihime is actually CD-R lol).

hmm...either Key is building this game off the same engine as "AIR" and "Kanon," their minimum machine spec is rather lame compared to TYPE-MOON's "Fate/stay night."
This would not surprise me; however, I can not find the link to the website that host the scripting program (AVG32) that was used in Kanon and Air. Iím not sure what engine Type-Moon is using for Fate/Stay Night, although Iíd be pretty sure itís not NScripter, which is what Tsukihime and its immediate sequels were programmed on.
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