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I simply cumulated every theory and arguments you gave out so far. If you argue against your own belief then well okay, I have nothing to counter to that, but what's the point? I guess being a devil's advocate of some sort.
You haven't noticed me acting a devil's advocate before? Did you miss all those times I actually helped refine Shkanon arguments, which you know I personally think is a stupid answer?

You are also drawing ridiculous inferences. Saying people believe the story must "inexplicably" conform to the red is looking at the situation completely backwards. Pieces are not aware of the red. They are not aware of the meta-world. It has no influence on them. The meta-world is reflective of their actions; that they conform to the red and Knox rules is because the author has made that guarantee and the pieces act accordingly. They do not know instinctively that red exists, but their actions do not contradict it. This isn't weird or happenstance, this is conscious effort on ryukishi's part.

Also I have no idea where you got the idea that I consider Erika/"Erika's" perspective unreliable. As chronotrig has said, Meta-Erika may not even have access to "her" own perspective, relying on others like Dlanor to tell her what has happened or what she can do. Honestly, Piece-Erika's earnest first-person perspective is something I think very possibly could be trusted if we ever saw it, no matter who she is.
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